Ethereum’s Polygon 2.0 Empowers Community Governance with Ecosystem Council

The planned Polygon 2.0 second layer networks are scheduled to create an ecosystem council as part of Ethereum’s vision with the goal of decentralizing control inside the platform . The key responsibility of the council will be to supervise the systems’ smart contract adjustments.

Governance Pillars and Treasury Management

In order to promote honesty and improve community interaction a transparency dashboard will be built. Thanks to this open source program the community will be able to track upgrade transactions and their endurance which will provide them with additional information about the councils activities .
The environment council will be consisting of these three significant pillars of governance. The council will be responsible for upgrading smart contracts as well as developing basic protocols and Treasury management . In the latter a two stage voting procedure is set up so that the neighborhood may contribute to project finance . What specifically will be used in this voting mechanism is still mystery.